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BWT Water Filters

Clear Filtered Water

All Pro San Diego offers professional water treatment filters by BWT Bestmax® that process water used in the food service industry according to the highest quality requirements.

Water filtration units tap directly into your office water supply to provide unlimited clean water without bottles or cooler stands.

Filters reduce sediment, microorganisms, and chemicals — leaving clean, clear water, hot or cold.

Use BWT Bestmax® water filters with office coffee, cocoas, soups, or drink mixes — cup by cup or glass by glass, a true pleasure.

BWT Water Filters California


BWT Bestmax water filters are a simple, practical, all-round filtration solution developed for the diverse requirements of the food service industry.

BWT Bestmax water filters provide superb quality water for a full coffee taste.

BWT Bestmax water filters are ideally suited for use in vending equipment and produces perfect, pure steam for ovens and combination steamers.

High Efficiency Technology (HET) provides even more effective water optimization, resulting in a consistently high water quality for hot and cold drinks, kitchens, bakeries, and all food-related purposes.

BWT Bestmax Water Filters - Product Information

  •   Filtration system for water optimization in the food service sector
  •   Reduces Ca2+, Mg2+ particles, 'off-flavor' elements and chlorine
  •   Suitable for approximately 90% of all water situations
  •   Cost-effective limescale protection for guaranteed flavor and enjoyment
  •   Ideal for top quality brewed coffee and specialty coffees

Benefits of BWT Bestmax

  •   5-stage filtration
  •   Highly efficient limescale protection
  •   Additional filtration of bypass water
  •   Easy filter replacement process
  •   Vertical or horizontal installation
  •   Automatic water stop valve during filter replacement
For more information about the BWT Bestmax water filters, please CONTACT US.